Vidyadhanam Trust

Prof. K.V. Thomas Vidyadhanam Trust is a charitable organisation that ensures equitable outcomes for underprivileged children through education promotional activities. The Trust provides financial incentive and scholarship to bright students from government and aided schools, in addition to encouraging cultivation of life skills, such as thrift and financial inclusion. It began as a collective charity movement 12 years back and has now grown with diversified charity projects such as Vidyadhanam, Vidyaposhanam-Poshakasamrudham, Vijnanaveedhi, Vidyalekshmi, Ambilikku oru veedu & Meet the Great Achievers . Our mission, to ensure that all children not only attend but also succeed in school, is being accomplished through the collective collaboration of these projects. Prof. K.V. Thomas MP serves as the Managing Trustee, while other eminent personalities like Adv. N.N. Sugunapalan, Adv. K.L. Joseph, Mr. M.A. Chandrasekharan and Mr. Biju Thomas are its Trustees.

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